Phoenix Temperatures

Here’s some interesting information — supported by actual pictures of temperature of surfaces near our home in Ahwatukee (Phoenix, AZ) — that shows just how hot the pavement can be. Read More

2015 Projects

Now that 2016 is upon us, I decided I’d take a look at projects I worked on during 2015.  Some of them were started in 2014 — and there’s the rub: most of the 2015 projects went unfinished, and have become de facto 2016 projects.  Or not.  Here’s there list of what I worked on, with some links to other posts for more information.

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Tripp Lite G1000U Fault – Fixed!

20151002_123014654_iOS-cSo this morning I come to my home-office and find my four monitors dark.  Nothing unusual, except that a wiggle of the mouse and a tap of the keyboard fail to bring them to life.  I glance down at the UPS and find that it, too, is dark.

Apparently during the night my Tripp Lite G1000U UPS “faulted”, and somewhere along the way, it shut down, taking everything else with it. Read More

Jackery Bar – Won’t Charge

Update: See my post about the Jackery RMA Video process.

I purchased my second (and third) Jackery product back in February 2015, and last week (late August 2015, after about 6 months) it wouldn’t charge when the micro-USB charging cable was inserted.

I contacted Jackery customer service: Read More

Recipe: Crock Pot Pineapple Chicken

I saw a chicken crock pot recipe posted on Facebook this morning, and while it sounded yummy, after reading some of the comments it was apparent the recipe “lacked something”. So I fixed it, in both senses of the term. Read More

Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles

Click to see larger image.

Pretty nasty storm last night sent some shingles flying through the neighborhood.

Our house wasn’t the worst, though.  A few streets over, older houses with rolled shingle material were pretty much totally ripped up.