Phoenix Temperatures

Here’s some interesting information — supported by actual pictures of temperature of surfaces near our home in Ahwatukee (Phoenix, AZ) — that shows just how hot the pavement can be. Read More

Jackery “RMA Video” – Update

After sending my video and blog link to the folks at Jackery, I got a nice Email from Julie, who explained the reasoning behind the request for a video.  It’s actually quite interesting, and makes a lot of sense.

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Jackery Bar – Won’t Charge

Update: See my post about the Jackery RMA Video process.

I purchased my second (and third) Jackery product back in February 2015, and last week (late August 2015, after about 6 months) it wouldn’t charge when the micro-USB charging cable was inserted.

I contacted Jackery customer service: Read More

One Medical – My Experience With Concierge Healthcare

Have you ever been to a new doctor’s office and been totally impressed by every person that worked there? Totally pleased with the registration and appointment process? Thrilled with the follow-up communication from the entire medical team? Read on, and read with amazement! Read More

Vacation Day 5 – Monday

Up around 7am, start coffee, into our robes, and out on the balcony. It’s a little cooler, but still very nice. Not as many people on the beach or surfers, and the beach cleaning crew is out. 8:30, toasted bagels and the last of the coffee.

More on Day 5 shortly.

Vacation Day 4 – Sunday

Awaken at 6am to thick fog and a balcony too damp to sit on, but after coffee, relaxing, shower, and getting dressed, by 8:45am the sun was peeking through.
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Vacation Day 2 – Friday

Slept in til 6am this morning! Started coffee, slipped back into our robes, and out on the balcony to enjoy the barely sun-lit waves and nearly deserted beach.
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Vacation, Day 1 – Thursday

Woke up just before 5am to the romantic sounds of waves splashing on the beach. Still dark outside, we get up, shower, slip into luxurious bath robes, and start coffee by 5:30am. On vacation, and can’t sleep in!
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