Vaughan-Harwood Online Family Gathering – Preliminary


Any family member who is related (by blood or marriage) to my grandparents.  They were originally in the Hampton, VA area, but now many of us are located far away.

  • John/Eunice Vaughan
  • James/Ida Harwood


Currently planning Sunday, March 29. 2020 at :

  • 3pm EDT
  • 2pm CDT
  • 1pm MDT
  • noon PDT (and Arizona – we don’t do daylight saving time!)


Online using one or both of the following: view Facebook Live and/or join the GoToMeeting room.  If I can manage to get the GoToMeeting set up to feed the Facebook Live stream, then “technology-comfortable” people who are used to participating in online meetings at work and other organizations can join with the GoToMeeting app and have audio and video input… and those that are less adventurous can watch and comment on the Facebook Live stream.


If you were on my Facebook as “Family”, you got an invitation AND you can forward that invitation to any other member of the family! (I assume if you got it and you’re in the family, then any member of your family is also in “our family.”  Capiche??)

If you want to join the GoToMeeting gathering, click this link any time before the meeting to install the GoToMeeting app on your computer or smart phone.

At the meeting time, you can click this link to join the meeting, which will launch the app and send you to the right “room” online.

If you want to join the Facebook Live event, I think you will be able to see it on my timeline, and possibly on yours.  Please if you are not a part of the family, don’t crash the party!


Here is the Facebook Live I did just testing out the streaming to Facebook; you can click the image below, or click here to watch on Facebook.  It takes a couple of minutes before people start to join… be patient!  You can also see the comment stream if you find this over on my Facebook feed.

It was so nice to see family and friends dropping in!  I’ll be doing more of these “everyone is welcome” streams over the next few weeks… and longer, if there’s interest.

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