Moving to Phoenix

We’re moving to Phoenix around Labor Day 2014.  Contact me if you need the new address.

Why We’re Moving

The hospital where Carol works – previously known as Casa Grande Regional Medical Center – has been acquired by Banner Health, and Phoenix-based healthcare system.  Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, as it is now known, will send all of their tissue samples up to Phoenix for processing, and in the process, they will close the Pathology Lab where Carol works.

The good news is that they are giving her a job up in Tempe (suburb of Phoenix) at Sonora Quest Labs.  She’ll be doing the same type of work as before, but in a much larger pathology organization.  It will be “the same, but different,” so there is the usual job-change emotions and stress, but Banner (and Lab Sciences of Arizona, who co-owns Sonora Quest) seem to have good reputations as a nice place to work.

See here for more info on the Banner Health acquisition.

Where We’re Moving

We are renting a nice house near I-10 and Elliot, about 10 miles from Carol’s new job (she starts at the new location the day after Labor Day).  A bit more room than our current space, it has a pool (with pool service included in the rent), and it backs up onto the South Mountain Park.

Franklin will still be in driving distance of Central Arizona College, and so he can continue pursuing his associate’s degree there.  He has been accepted into a program where he can earn a bachelor’s degree online from NAU in one year after attending CAC for 3 years.

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