Agave Nectar Bread

Last week Carol tasked me (I volunteered, actually) with making a “double batch” of bread, in the hopes of making 3 sandwich-style bread loaves for hamburgers at an office event for Carol.

While it turned out very tasty, it was unfortunately too moist, and didn’t rise in the pan enough to really make big enough slices for hamburgers.  We cut each loaf in half, making six half-loaves; slightly sweet and airy, it makes a great morning snack with a little butter. Read More

Recipe: Cranberry Compote

Force the issue with anyone who says “but I don’t like cranberries” — everyone I’ve convinced to taste them says, “Those are delicious!” Read More

Recipe: Crock Pot Pineapple Chicken

I saw a chicken crock pot recipe posted on Facebook this morning, and while it sounded yummy, after reading some of the comments it was apparent the recipe “lacked something”. So I fixed it, in both senses of the term. Read More