Visual Studio 2015 – Installation

Back in April I installed Visual Studio 2015 on my laptop. Best I can remember, it went along without a hitch.  I got an entry in the app list for “Visual Studio 2015”, which I then “pinned to Start” a dragged up to the top.

But on my desktop machine — my main development environment — I wasn’t so lucky. Read More

Recent additions to my techinal library

To help me with my personal growth – for both work and personal development – I’ve been adding to my technical library over the last couple of weeks. Carol looks at me funny when I’m “enjoying reading,” but some of you geeky nerds out there might relate:

  • Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Installation and Configuration Guide
  • The Definitive Guide to Windows Installer
  • inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build, plus Supplement
  • Pro ASP.NET Web API Security
  • Wix 3.6: A Developer’s Guide to Windows Installer XML

New hardware for development

I’ve been developing software at home using Visual Studio 2012 on my desktop computer running Windows 7. But I’ve really been in need of access to much more robust hardware and software for testing.

So, this weekend I ordered some server gear!

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First project: Group Manager

My first commercial development project is called Group Manager. This program does one thing: it lets Windows users add and remove members from security groups. Nothing magic, you say?

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New menu, new category: Software!

I’m really excited about this one: I’m starting to develop software for commercial use!

I’ll use this special space to relate details as they’re available. Check back frequently. You can access this from any point in the blog by clicking the Software Development link at the top.