Visual Studio 2015 – Installation

Back in April I installed Visual Studio 2015 on my laptop. Best I can remember, it went along without a hitch.  I got an entry in the app list for “Visual Studio 2015”, which I then “pinned to Start” a dragged up to the top.

But on my desktop machine — my main development environment — I wasn’t so lucky.

I logged in to MSDN and search my subscription for “Visual Studio 2015 Professional”, and selected the web installer.  I also “claimed” my license key, and tucked it away for safe keeping.

Of course, as anyone who has installed Visual Studio knows, it is definitely not a fast install.  Plus I added in a number of options, including Xamarin and a number of Azure options.  So I kicked off the installation, modified the install location (my C: drive is filling up, so I pointed it to D:), and just let it run for an hour or so.

When I came back, I found this:


My interpretation is that “everything installed just fine, except the Windows 10 SDK, and Bonjour didn’t start.”  This was at the end of my day yesterday, so this morning I decided I see how Visual Studio 2015 might work with one of the web projects I started this week.

But where is Visual Studio 2015?  Okay, I know I can search for it and find it.  But shouldn’t it be right here, somewhere?  An icon on the desktop? Or at least in the apps list?  Blend for Visual Studio is in the Recently added list, and in the alphabetic list:

VS15Install-1-RecentlyInstalled   VS15Install-2-NewInAppList

I decided to search for “Visual Studio”, and it found a folder… but no application:


Ultimately, I ended up looking at the details of my Visual Studio 2013 shortcut, then poking around til I found the DevEnv executable in the Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0 folder:


From there, I was able to Pin to Task Bar. But why, when I tried to Pin to Start Menu, does it fail?  (I’ve tried this with a number of programs that won’t “stick” to the Start Menu.)

This is why we can’t program nice things. Come on, Microsoft… Visual Studio installation shouldn’t leave me in the dark and make me grope around the system to find the development environment.


I thought I’d provide some feedback to Microsoft, and on the Support page there’s a “Report a Bug” link:


Guess what this gets you:



Not exactly what I was expecting.



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