Vacation, Day 1 – Thursday

Woke up just before 5am to the romantic sounds of waves splashing on the beach. Still dark outside, we get up, shower, slip into luxurious bath robes, and start coffee by 5:30am. On vacation, and can’t sleep in!

Watching the sunrise from the “wrong” end of the condo: watching the surf roll in. There’s a cruise ship out in the bay, which headed in around 6:30.

6:45am, a couple of surfer dudes out catching waves. The constant splashing of waves is so peaceful!

Second cup of coffee, sitting out on the balcony with my sweetheart. Just chillin’!

Went out for breakfast, ended up at the Midway! Saw NOAA vessel dock. Three hours on board, much of it on deck in the sun.

Over to Seaport Village to have lunch at Busters. Walked around some of the shops, got a yard kite.

Into Wal-Mart for some groceries.

A walk on the beach around 7:30 as the sun set. Carol and I both covered in sand!

Back at condo by 8:30, washed the sand off, and just chillin’. In bed around 10pm; even though we’re absolutely beat, it’s late getting to bed for us.

See Day 2.

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