23.5″ plastic Sears part in a 21.5″ cardboard box

I ordered two parts from the Sears online part store a week or so ago.  One of them, the plastic door rack “fence” that holds things like ketchup and mustard on the rack inside the door of the fridge, arrived safely and in one piece.

The other part is this plastic piece that attaches the glass shelf in the fridge to the support rod at the back of the fridge.  This part arrived neatly packed inside a cube-shaped box, but the problem was, this part was 23.5 inches long, and the maximum inside dimension of the box — from one corner to the opposite corner — was only 21.5 inches long.  Somebody thought that bending this piece so that it would fit would be an okay way to ship it.

Box - maximum inside dimension 21.5" Part - length 23.5"
Box – maximum inside dimension 21.5″
Part – length 23.5″

You can see the part is bent, and while maybe I can coerce the part into fitting properly on the support rod and glass shelf, the part is really bent and damaged in multiple places.

I called their toll-free number, and after several maddening minutes trying to reach a real human, I finally reached Esther, a wonderful, calm, and helpful customer support person, who immediately found my order and requested a re-shipment.  She told me, “I indicated on the order that they should use better packing for this shipment.”

Let’s hope so…

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