Jackery Bar – Won’t Charge

Update: See my post about the Jackery RMA Video process.

I purchased my second (and third) Jackery product back in February 2015, and last week (late August 2015, after about 6 months) it wouldn’t charge when the micro-USB charging cable was inserted.

I contacted Jackery customer service:

My Jackery “Bar Premium” ordered from Amazon no longer charges. It’s down to 2 light-bars, but when plugged in, no light-bars appear. Using same cord on other devices works fine, so it’s not the cord or power source.

They said:

Please make sure you use the originally supplied micro-USB charging cord included in Jackery package and a working AC wall charger to recharge the battery. Also try a different wall charger. Let us know how many LEDs turn on when you check the charge status after doing above steps.

My response was:

Okay… I don’t think the Jackery-supplied cord is identifiable amongst the several mini-USB cords I have – unless it’s this barely-usable very short one. In any case, all of the mini-USB cords I have work fine in several of the other devices I have, and NONE of them charge/power up the Jackery Bar Premium. Tried in several different wall chargers as well. Next steps?

Rahul at “Team Jackery” said: “As part of our RMA process please capture a small video of the issue and share it with us.”

I guess people claim their Jackery doesn’t work so they can get another one for free or something.  But really… everyone who has a problem now has to create a video to prove it?

So here’s that video

Other Jackery Products

So I’m not slamming Jackery products here — though I am poking at their customer service resolution steps:

  1. Use the “Jackery-supplied cable”?  How do I know — of the 10 micro-USB cables sitting on my desk as I type — exactly which one was supplied by Jackery?  It’s probably not the one clearly labeled “LG”… I probably got that with my USB headset.  Just to satisfy myself that there wasn’t something magical about their cable, I tried all of them!
  2. Shoot a video of the problem?  That’s part of your RMA process?  Okay, I’ve got many friends who could easily create their own video, and many friends who have friends that could shoot the video for them.  But I think maybe 20% to 30% of you would just give up and say “that’s too much trouble”.  Maybe Jackery is counting on that, to help reduce repeat business.

I had previously purchased a Jackery 12,000mAh unit, and a smaller Jackery Mini (3200mAh) at the same time I bought the Jackery Bar (6000mAh).  The other two units continue to work just fine.

Am I power hungry?  We actually use these (and my Zagg 6000mAh unit) occasionally to power LED light strips.

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  1. I am having same problem and I USE the Jackery supplied cable. Only 1 bar lights up and when plugged in …. nothing. Is there resolve available? Help!!!

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