Saturday Morning

Up at 5am — we’re usually up by 2:30am, so this is late for us — and we have our coffee on the back patio. The sun isn’t even up yet.

Here’s the view to the east — actually, a little north of east : 67°, according to my iPhone’s Hidden Sky app:
A quick stroll to check on our “farm”…

There’s 5 new mango seeds planted yesterday:

Our orange tree that’s in the ground (there’s another still in its container) plus a hibiscus:

Giant flower on the zucchini squash plant:

Lots of tomatoes!

It’s so quiet you can hear my outdoor clock-thermometer ticking… and then we hear the crop duster! He’s dusting over at B & J Farms, a local cotton farmer.

Our one experimental “hot head” of lettuce: (lettuce is usually a cool weather crop)

Some flowers Carol’s mom gave us — we thought they were dead the week after we got them home, but kept watering them and they perked right up!

And by 5:45am, the view changes dramatically! Time to face west…

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