Weiss Ring #2 – Or Is It?

Greetings. If you’re here and haven’t read about Wiess Ring #1 about 9 years ago, I suggest reading this first, if only for background to the current post.

I will provide an update here on Weiss Ring #1: It’s totally gone. I can’t explain why, but within 2 weeks it was almost entirely gone… so much so that I just forgot about it, except when someone would enter a comment on the web site.

Yesterday, it happened again. 5:45pm, standing in front of the kitchen sink, washing a pan from dinner. Initially I thought there was a fly buzzing around my head, following my every move. I’d turn left – there is was; turn right, there again; look up – what a persistence bugger!!

Then I stopped, and stared straight ahead, motionless. I think subconsciously I knew what I was looking for… and I found it. A dark spot, this time in my left eye, about four inches to the left of the center of my vision. Well, 4″ if you hold your hand out in front of you. And yes, sort of a weird, small squiggle.

I didn’t immediately tell Carol about it, but eventually went to the living room and thought I’d look up “how to find the blind spot in your eye,” of all things. You’ve done this, I’m sure, but if you haven’t, take a look at the page I found here on WebMD. I managed to manipulate the picture they used to make this “fly in my eye” disappear! While nothing more than a science experiment, really, I felt some relief about being able to do this.

Then I decided I should tell Carol about it. She had a couple of questions like last time, though there were a few activities she mentioned specifically, wondering if this could be related, and frankly I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary for quite a long time! (Side note: I recently turned 68, and in my semi-retired years, I’m busier than ever, primarily producing Zoom meetings and webinars. More info here and here, if you’re interested.)

No pain, no other symptoms, just that silent fly whipping back and forth as my eye moves around. I slept well, though I did notice during the night that when I moved my eye, there was occasionally a flash of light – very brief, and not very bright – on the far left side of my left eye’s vision, going vertically from almost the bottom to the top. Only saw this while in total darkness, and while I haven’t seen it at other times, it might be because it’s so faint.

I did decide this morning to call my eye doctor (Dr. Wilson at West Valley Vision), and made an appointment for late in the day tomorrow – the staff agreed to work me in then. We’ll see how that goes.

I did go back and review my post from Weist Ring #1, and saw this piece:

Much of the recommendation I read says that as long as dark spots like Weiss Rings are not accompanied by light flashes, there really isn’t anything you can do about them.

From my 2013 blog of Weiss Ring #1

So now I’m wondering if this is something different than what I had before, since I don’t remember any flashes.

The only other thing I’ll mention now: I was standing near a south-facing window and the bright Arizona sun was shining through. When I closed my eye, I could still see the silent fly swooping across my eyeball as my eye moved. Maybe it’s an alien!

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