Some days, you just feel crappy

Stayed home today, not because I was incapacitated, but I just felt overall “crappy”. That’s when a combination of things which – when taken individually and separately – wouldn’t really affect you much, if at all. But yet you stay home from work, go back to bed, and sleep.

Here is today’s list of contributing favors, if you’re interested:

  • Last night my left ankle was hurting; walking on it “just right” felt like someone was poking a knitting needle thought my ankle bone.
  • During the night I had a couple of cramps in my right calf. Doesn’t happen very often, and in fact they’re usually more severe than they were last night, but enough that walking this morning reminded me immediately.
  • Some general aches: slight headache, minor tummy upset.
  • and lastly, the “cosmic screams” are back. Not comic screams, silly… cosmic. That’s how I refer to the very slight high-pitched noise I get. Do I really hear it, or does my aging brain just make me think I’m hearing something. Couldn’t tell you, and generally it doesn’t bother me – unless I’m not feeling good for other reasons.

So yeah, not really “sick”, but not really well, either. A dose of Tylenol and naproxen and I’m doing better, but still not my usual self. And you probably wouldn’t have wanted to be on the road with someone in my disposition, and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be on the road with some of the drivers I’ve seen lately.

Late in the day now – 4pm-ish – and feeling a little more human. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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